1. Connect your laptop to prod-vpn
2. Open SQL Server Management Studio for debugging
3. Walk away
4. Find your 3 year old at your laptop
5. Panic.
6. Thank Microsoft for locking the screen when the laptop sleeps.

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    And luckily most 3 year olds don't know how to drop database.
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    It doesn't take much to right click and select drop ...
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    Decentralized self destruct buttons , woah
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    Sometimes I like to wonder how the story would go if some common mistakes were made (e.g. your/you're misuse). This is one of those stories that get pretty hilarious after this. Now, read again this story but in 4th point swap first "your" with "you're". Then continue reading.

    To be honest - I have ever imagined you as 3yo in that picture.
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    I have even*

    Nice timing, sleepy mind.
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    Kind of that's the story how my brother and I got our own computer. Managed to format my dad's work computer when I was 8 :P
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    Man, I like your story. But this is not Facebook and I do not want to see pictures of your unguilty children. Devrant is on the internet too. You know what kind of people there are...
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    My reflexes automatically press Ctrl+Alt+L whenever i leave my laptop.
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    @Saiuto he's why I never feel like I'm growing up!
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    @Divisionbyzero thanks, I appreciate your concern.
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    @iAmNaN it's even easier to rename it!
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    @flag0 Windows Key (Meta key) + L for Windows :p

    I know this because I was found guilty of trying to press CTRL + ALT + L this morning on windows machine :S
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    @Russian surprisingly, my other MacBook makes it difficult to lock via the keyboard. Any good ideas there ?
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    My honest answer would be not to buy MacBook :S I don't and never liked the high price tag for kinda outdated hardware.

    But a helpful answer would be:
    1. If you're using Windows on Mac it should be (Command + L)
    2. For Linux on Mac (Control + Option + L)
    3. MacOS apparently requires you to turn this feature on iirc. System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and check 'Require password'. After that you should be able to press the Right CTRL + Right Shift + (Eject or Power)

    Another reason I don't like Mac hardware 'its different in a way I don't seem to appreciate'.

    Good luck man :)
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