Got my first response from a company i applied to a few days ago--it was a no without much explanation as to why, but at least they actually responded.

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    One of my first response emails was the company telling me they made the position redundant and no longer needed it at all haha

    I also spent 3 months interviewing with one place only for them to reject me saying they're changing the requirements for a more senior role.

    Good luck to you! If nothing else I hope you get some funny stories
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    It's so annoying when companies never answer. I'm fine with a generic mail
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    @devs that is what I hate about the American system. They expect you to write them a personal love letter begging for a job and then don't even bother getting back to you. I just stopped writing cover letters because i decided I didn't want to work for a company who needs hugs and kisses, but won't reciprocate, one way love isn't my thing...
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