My bosses, bosses, boss asked to call me up unexpectedly:
BBBoss:" Just wanted to say we are really happy with your performance, especially in these tough circumstances, ... "
Me thinking: "Ah, great I am getting laid off."
BBBoss: " ... which is why we decided to give you and extra 1000$ in you next paycheck."
Me: "??? ... for real."
BBBoss: "yes, thank you for your hard work."
Me: "I am still employed?"
BBBoss (laughs) :"Yes, we are happy to have you."

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    This kind of thing makes me super happy and reminds me not every company is strangleheld by HR.

    Seriously, small unexpected and unasked for favors are huge in helping people feel appreciated.

    $1000 is chump change in the size of a big corp, but bet it bought quite a bit of loyalty and that is priceless right there.
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    Now you can start slacking off. It's certain that they won't do that twice.
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    are you sure he didn't mix up some phone numbers?
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    Should've asked for a $100 raise instead of a one-time bonus. But still nice.
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    Amazing. Next time. You just say. Thankyou so much for the unexpected raise. And start talking about your projects and how this raise will help you so much with getting ahead in life. Act so excited about the raise that it's going to be so much easier to just give you a raise than risking offending you by clarifying the situation.
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    superb but we have to do more
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