Followed the angular js tutorial until routing section. Then gave up.

It's not for me. Maybe I'll try again in a few weeks.

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    Have you tried to stop and start it again?
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    Wait are you learning Angular.js as on Angular v1 or just Angular v>=2?
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    @Ratwerks > 2. Thought i might as well start with the latest version.
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    Ok, try and avoid referring to it as angular.js as that means version 1. They're trying to clear things up as everything from 2 on is very different.

    Stick with it. Maybe check out a course by John Papa. It'll all become clear and it's very worth it.

    You'll probably go through a few cycles of "This is the worst framework ever!" followed by "How did our society exist without this?" and repeat. It should stop on the latter.
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    React.js FTW.
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