Need some advice. I’m a uni student and I really want to go into machine learning, data science, or computer vision. I have most of the skills and I feel I am fairly competent. However, the only professional experiences I have are web dev based. How can I make myself more appealing for data based roles? I really don’t want to do web dev anymore hahahahah

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    Number one recommendation I can think of is to learn Python if you haven't already. It's one of the most popular languages for both data science and machine learning.

    Even without professional experience, if you take the time to experiment with a few personal projects you can put a link to your Github on your resume to show off what you've done. That's probably the best way to show them you have some "non-professional" experience in the field.
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    @EmberQuill I’ve been fluent in python for 4+ years and R for 2+ years which is good. Posting side projects on GitHub definitely makes sense
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    @rantsauce if only I had the money 😞
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    1) Go do open source work
    2) Turn up to community calls
    3) Make friends with someone who’s in the industry
    4) Ask him for a referral
    5) Apply. Take the job.
    6) Leave after a few years for something else
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