Question from curiosity:

Does anyone know of interesting things to try on unused electronics, like phones or game consoles? Does Anyone have any stories of such or something? Software and hardware wise?

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    I have 3 php servers and a htpc, old android phones and a tablet
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    @RazorSh4rk what kind of projects have you tried with them?
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    The htpc is self explanatory.
    The strongest phone is doing some data analysis for me right now
    The tablet is controlling the audio in my holiday house (i want to hook up an ac to it, but this one runs java)
    The other phone is just a webserver
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    Depends on what you'd want to do. I created an autonomous self-driving car with an old Android phone and scrap toy parts. (Plus two distance meter IR modules.)
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    You probably know it already, but this site is full of interesting projects for old hardware
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    Install alfred on ur old smart phone...
    He will gard ur place
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