You know what fkn sucks? I was so fkn excited to join the company. It was a dream job for me. I loved everything about it. The stack, the concept, the core values, everything.
Fast forward 3 years and I no longer recognize the company I joined. Went from customer first to revenue first. No other vision than increase sales. Heart fkn breaking...

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    Sounds like a typical development of a startup company.

    You can always raise concerns with management and explain how customer success increases long-term revenues and new prospects in order to bring the focus back on the end user.

    As an important side-note, don't forget to increase your own personal revenue as well!
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    similar exp. joined and then saw it's nothing i expected from the outside
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    Please add the tag consistently wtfk or wtfknfk.

    Besides me making fun of acronyms. To bad that the green grass is fertilized with bull shit now. Hope you can grasshopper your way into greener pastures.
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