Remember the super duper company I applied for? (Last rant)

Well, I did their coding challenge. And after many years I had to do a metric crapton of C++. It's not a fun language. It's frustrating how human-unfriendly it is, and maybe one reason why I low-key like it.

Anyways, here's hoping that I didn't fuck up too much.

On a side note, I realized tensorflow actually has a cpp api. I think I'm gonna work with that in my next mental breakdown. 🧐

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    Oh, also, reminder that people on stack overflow are still very shit. Some moron wrote a page and half on why a question was bad, instead of actually answering it. 😐
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    Yeah, I am cpp tensorflow curious. I need to make a detect <some object> system for fun. Or maybe something that plays a video game for me.
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    I have been doing some light research on tensorflow and tesseract for c++ for a personal project.

    I'm eager to try using crystal-lang and bind a library to one or both of them.

    C/++ is kind of a pita to work with, but from what I have used in crystal it bridges the gap between human and machine remarkably well.

    I just wish there was a stronger community behind it.
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    Tutorials: Here is how you do X with our API in C++

    All the rest of the world: Ok but how the fuck do I compile this?

    Tutorials: read this obscure documentation about makefiles

    Yeah fuck that, I will continue to use Y over this
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    @AleCx04 cmake is cool thought
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    @AleCx04 same with Java. Btw, I hate Java.
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    @dder just put everything on pom.xml and you are good, now, compiler settings and adding other shit on it? yeah fuck that. But I would rather work on Java over most other stacks 10 times out of 10
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    @AleCx04 I found nodejs with typescript alright; less configuration imo. But it’s with all stacks I assume, the more you are familiar with it, the less struggle it is the the boilerplate.

    What annoys me is the fuck ton of JVM parameters, classpaths, versions, byte code incompatibilities, generated sources, then you gotta point the ide to the right folders to compile the project.
    Then you get it done once, and you forget, and can’t set it up next time…
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