Man do I love receiving bug reports and comments in Turkish, Russian, Portuguese or Iranian. I should really just start replying to those in Polish.

I added a humorous pinned post saying “By the way, I can only reply to you either in English, Polish or Dutch :)” to the program where I receive such reports.
I am aware it won’t do jackshit, because people can’t read.


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    Learn Latin, reply to them in it, so that when they try to read it they accidentally summon a demon that eats their soul xD xD xD
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    @SoldierOfCode Oh I was also thinking Klingon or Esperanto.
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    Just reply them with "kurwa"
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    @athlon answering in Klingon? U a surely a man of a fine taste.
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    I recently got a message in Russian and since I don't speak Russian I just made up a language with random words from Norwegian and German. Boy that was fun.
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    Tbm gosto de receber reports em português, I love it
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    @athlon Klingon, please, I'd learn and apply for CM for sure
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    It’s 2022 and language is so 2010, respond with emojis so everyone reads this:

    😒 🐞 👉🎁

    as “this is not a bug this is a feature”
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    @xyn22 emoji are so 1990s, let's get them over with.
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    @xyn22 @electrineer You could say emojis are so 3000 B.C. - Egyptians already used them!
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    @rittmann I also love it. But the best are the ones were they mix all languages.

    "Je estou teniendo a problema in the sistema de exportation de facturas"
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