Interviewer told me to go to the window and jump.
I jumped in front of the window and came back on my seat

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    Nicely done.
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    My first interviewer after I graduated gave me that.

    I was like: np... You just gotta pay all the medical fees and damages

    He was like no and then showed me how to do it.
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    This is the single most fucking stupid thing I have heard in my life. Are they recruiting monkeys for the zoo? What the flying fuck. Is this supposed to be a test of mental dexterity? My answer would be a baffled gaze and response along the lines: how about I help you defenestrate yourself.

    Just can't get over the amount of stupid behind this "test"
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    @xios I'm sorry but actually it's not that stupid. It tests creativity in problem solving, thinking outside the box. The actual term is lateral thinking.

    Not that I approve of what they did... but just look at Uber...
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    @billgates there are other ways to test creativity without being edgy and testing is the person suicidal or creative.
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    @xios such as? Btw its also an icebreaker and personality test. Nice way to end an interview Imo, just a chat.
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