I got invited to interview with a startup(series B) by a former manager. I told them I had RSUs vesting in six months and that unless they could give me a sign on for their amount I couldn’t leave. The recruiter says “Don’t worry, we can get creative with the sign on bonus”
I go through their whole interview process and get the offer.
Sign on is 15% of the amount of my vesting RSUs, and a base below what I make now.
Why waste my time not telling me the comp range from the start and why lead me on with a comment about a sign on? I told you up front what I made!

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    It is a part of the selection process. They want someone smart enough to do coding and solve tech problems, but they want to stay the hell away from someone smart enough to see through their bullshit.
    It's called "the Theranos equilibrium"
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