Interviewer: I think you are too young for this job, blah blah, your age is too low, blah blah, this job requires elder people, blah blah

(...keeps repeating the same bullshit for literally half an hour...)

Interviewer: look, I have to leave in five minutes. Convince me that you are not too young for this job.

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    If you were too young when the interview started, you weren't when it finished.
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    Technically it is illegal for them to state that you are too young. Age discrimination. Not having enough experience is another matter.
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    That really happens? All companies I've been so far never actually made that a problem, and I'm 19 years old!
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    @DRHAX34 this rant is not about a company, it's about a single dickhead :-) Other interviewers were fine
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    If Age > 18 print("Blablabla")
    Elif print("Blablabla!")
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