Sell me this pen

Yes it's an old one but let's see what you got.

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    Sold for $5. 😂
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    Wolf of wall street repost
    "Sir could u sign this paper for me .
    Ohh u don't have a pen, ok I have one just buy it and sign it "
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    Applying for a sale position?

    Man I need to sell what I have built and I just keep finding other things to do. Though I cannot keep putting it off, or wont be able to pay the internet bill 😵
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    @sam9669 but i do have a pen, i have a pine apple too :)
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    @billgates should I start with pen pineapple apple pen lyrics XD
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    @rusty-hacker well i mean any interview, i guess its another lateral thinking problem though i m just curious how creative developers can get :)
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    Sell it like a mobile game... Disassemble it, give them the outer shell, and show them how to have fun playing with it. Then tell them they can pay $20 for ink once a month, or get free ink by watching 4 hours of paid advertising.
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    *this pen has the perfect size, to push it inside your anus*
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