I want to try some Android Development. I already have basic understanding of both C# and Java. C# even a little bit more. But the language is not the problem.

I just can not decide wether I should use Xamarin or do native development using Android Studio.

What would you suggest me, guys? :-)

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    I'd recommend using the Android Studio.

    If you enter multiplatform hell, there is no turning back.
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    @skiilaa I already thought about that to but Android Studio sometimes feels quite slow to me compared to Visual Studio... Are there any tips or fixes?
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    Android studio all the way. Cross platform is a pile of shit. Unless if it's emerging from react native, it's getting to a point where you don't need either android or iOS development experience.
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    Doesn't matter.
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    I've recently ported my android app to xamarin.Android
    The experience is the same, either way.
    AS has nice layout editor (GUI) but is slow
    VS the layout editor is bad, but overall VS rocks

    So go for what you want
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    Would you willingly code in Java? If yes, Android Studio. Then if no, do you love your garbage collector? If yes, Xamarin, if no, Qt
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    Android, Xamarin community still poor comparing to Android one, you can find thousands of free awesome libraries in native Android
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