Lead engineer: "Well, uh... I haven't really prepared a test for you but the HR insists that I should test you before wrapping up this interview.. so uh.... what do you suggest we should do now?"

Me: "Um... how about we walk through my latest project code and you can ask me to optimize it?"

Lead engineer: "Sounds cool, allright let's do that. How much time do you need?"

Welp. Did I just pick my own interview question?

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    If this *was* the intended last question, you just scored yourself 10000 points! If I was an interviewer and I asked that and you responded me with that and your task went well too, I'd go to the HR and say "Hire him/her, NOW!"
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    @makinet it went terrible though... I missed a lot of things and he even gave me extended time to figure them out 😂 in the end they gave me the job though, and I'm really really grateful for that
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    @fyzrn I'm glad you got the job! Congratulations! :)
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    Yeah you dug your own pit & tried to get out by digging deeper.
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    This is gold 😃
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