As a student, I live in a house with friends and the actual didn't have a table in my room.
So after one month waiting for a answer of the owner I decided to buy one in second hand. All I can say is that I love it.
Any suggestions to some improvements?

PS: external drive is only temporary

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    maybe some kind of light for the dark days, a cheap colorful one and I also like my screens more close to each other
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    @illfamed the light is a WIP in progress because need to get a better outlet, the screen is such a good idea that I already implemented it . Thanks :)
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    How about a non-stationary chair ? Looks like a sofa chair in your pic.
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    Place the monitor in front of the keyboard and the laptop on the side?
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    @matsaki95 ahah my dictionary is kinda dumb
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    @sgoten thanks for the suggestion i will do it
    @thecritic the chair will be handled next week. I have one at my parent's house.
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