I'm diving back into c++ for a nice opportunity (if that happens) but Jeez I straight up suck balls with exercises... It's depressing, like I can't even solve a very simple problem, I can code from memory pretty much all I learned so far, but when I comes to applying it to a real problem, I become super dumb and don't know what I'm doing anymore...
I've set myself a goal tho, I'll keep doing minimum 5 exercises / days and I have to finish atleast 3 without looking at the solution to understand
I hope this will make me a little bit more interview ready if that day ever comes..

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    Exercises from where?
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    Don't know exactly I just Google simple c++ exercises and I usually pick one with instructions I understand correctly
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    @Defi4NT if you want a language independent set try https://projecteuler.net, I've seen people create a repo of their answers so if you get stuck you can search for ideas.
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    @bkwilliams for tonight I found tutorials on cplusplus.com, they're cool and with clear instructions from very easy to I haven't looked yet xD
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