Ramadan and dev work can either go really hand in hand, or it doesn't :(

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    Same as everything else. It works, or it doesn't.
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    It will "work" as long as your company is okay with working after iftar. And by company I meant the whole division, working after iftar, lol.
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    I'm totally useless without coffee or tea.

    I can code at night and even do PR reviews, but I'm totally clueless in meetings and blank while trying to help juniors in debugging.
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    @lambda123 The topic of the rant is about a problem of following a false prophet, so yes, it is the right place. Otherwise the rant shouldn't be here.

    I don't see my comment as combatative nor as offensive against you. I tell the truth. If you are honest you would agree that Mohamed was a pedophile and controlled by a demon. Do your own research.

    And yes, i am very happy that he now suffers in hell, because that is what he deserves, he rejected Gods grace and he caused a lot of human suffering.

    I don't care how you would or wouldn't try to convert anyone. I am not offended by people who insult God, he can revenge himself. I will tell them that they should accept and believe in him, otherwise they have to suffer from his revenge.
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    It is moments like these where I realize how lucky I am to be an atheist surrounded by atheists.
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    @happygimp0 You are happy someone is suffering in hell?

    Must be this "loving you neighbor" thing that you Christians are talking about all the time, no?
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    @lambda123 Yeah you're right, sorry. Religion is one of my trigger points. And people like @happygimp0 obviously represents the worst form of it.
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    @DirtEffect Do you think is bad when Adolf Hitler is in Hell? Mohamed was way worse.
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    @lambda123 I respect you.
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    @Frederick No. This is completely wrong. I love people that believe something else. This is why i say they go to hell: I don't want that they go there.

    However, people like Mohamed not just believed something else, he intentionally lied, killed, deceived many people so they end up in Hell and did many other bad things.
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    @DirtEffect Interesting that you say i belong to the worst form of it. If you read what happens in Israel in the last few days (or last few 100 years), they are people that kill, injure, throw stones, steal and do other bad things for their religion.

    I don't do any of that for my religion, i don't want to harm you or anyone else (self defense excluded). I don't make you suffer for your sins, God will.
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    @TheCommoner282 Daniel wrote (Daniel 9.27-28) that after 7+62 weeks (7-blocks, it is really (7+62)*7 years not days) will Christ be killed (or Messiahs). There are many old Testament statements from where it is clear that Christ (or Messiahs) will be a light to many nations. There is only one person that does fit. It is extremely hard to believe in the old Testament and not believe Jesus. Either you say the complete Bible is wrong/fantasy/stories with some bases in reality but not Gods word, or you believe the old AND new Testament is Gods word and true. Jews don't believe in the old Testament, they say to most things its symbolic.
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    I would like to tell that we should just stop this debate no matter who is wrong or right.

    I do not fucking care, this is a developer platform, not a place to be divided to spaghetti platforms with religion and ethnicity and shit.

    Use reddit if you want to do above.

    All complaints against this message without a constructive critism can go fuck themselves since I don't give a fuck.
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    Honestly, you should take the time and watch a bit of this lecture on the old testament and its link to the ancient near eastern regional culture


    You are taking all this waaaay to literally.

    And for the messiah thing: The jews largely didn't accept Jesus as the messiah exactly because he was nothing like the prophecies they had at hand.

    The messiah was supposed to be a great leader that would smash his opponents. Jesus tumbled a table over in a market and was quickly executed. Not exactly impressive to the jews at the time.
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