Interviewer: have you ever been reported for sexual misconduct at work?
Me: uh no
Interviewer: good to hear! Our last developer had wandering hands, which we don't approve of here
Me: ...

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    Interesting place. 😂
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    This question is not even allowed. At least in my country.
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    @Dollique True, but I think most people will say "no" before they think about it.
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    I once got a job because the last guy got fired after getting drunk and grabbing two girls from the ass...
    Viva la silicon valley companies
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    that sound the same as the questions when applying for a US visa. Or the US tax forms, criminal activities clauses. you have to be really dumb to answer wrong here. a.k.a "cake or death" situation.
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    My response would be to ask if the interviewer is coming on to me :)
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