I'm a tech lead for a digital agency.

Digital agencies are universally known for being shite. Why? Because they typically push through sub-optimal code with very little testing over tiny deadlines for maximum profit. Maybe I've just had bad experiences but this is the 5th digital agency that I've worked at that does this bollocks.

I am currently sitting on a Teams call at 8:39pm because the fuckwit project/account managers are unable to face up to the big scary client and ask them terrifying questions like "Is this bug a blocker for the deployment?" or "We don't have enough time to fix/change these things, can we delay another day?". They just assume that A - We will work into the evening, and B - that all the issues are P1 and that we should all 'pull together' as 'team players' to get this done in time.

No, Me and my team have to work into the evening for seemingly free because these pricks can't do their jobs properly.

The funniest thing of all? When I speak to the CTO about overtime payment he tries to make me feel bad about "we don't typically pay for overtime..."

Fuck Everyone.

Time to find a new contract.

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    Then you shouldn't be working late and tell your PM that you typically don't do unpaid overtime.
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    > we typically don't

    It's time to welcome a new tradition then.
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    I read the first paragraph and updooted. Then I read the rest
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    Update - The call finally finished at 10:05pm and now we're 'expected' to be on a call for 9am.

    They then further went on to say that as this is urgent, after the call they were going to call the devops guy on his mobile, and ask him to deploy both tonight as well as tomorrow morning 'before he starts his 1 hour commute to the office'.

    Are you fucking serious? In what world do these psychotic fuckwads think this kind of behavior is okay?
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    @melezorus34 yes, it's time to welcome the good tradition
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    Botchers are the worst - don't become one, leave while you still can...
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    This sounds like executives who dont know how to manage client expectations.

    Actually from what I've seen, it looks like a big part of conflict between clients, executives, and devs, is the executive layer not thoroughly explain to clients what they can expect, how the process works, where they can expect surprises or issues, and how the company handles those.

    These would be the *first* issues I brought up after acquiring a new client.
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    > tell your PM that you typically don't do unpaid overtime

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    @ThatDevDude If I were you, I would conspire with my colleagues in a sort of mini-union fashion to just not do it and let the stupid fucks gargle on their own balls.
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    As CTO of an mid sized e-commerce agency I have to agree. The attitude in the industry is just awful. No one seems to want to tell the client that some things just aren't doable in x amount of time or x amount of money.
    Generally there are a lot of agencies with terrible tech know-how. "cookie cutter templates" anyone :|
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    @ThatDevDude sounds like remote client on the other side of the World.
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