Working with assembly is just something different... note to self: keep a cheat-sheet with the labels and corresponding addresses at hand.....

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    and yes, I misnamed the first COM-label... should be COM1... *facepalm*
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    Miss times where we were programming microcontrollers like PIC16F84 :)
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    @Glavic still got a ton of them :)
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    Wait isn't ACIA for implementing RS-232?
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    @Ranchonyx yes it is ;)

    and my SBC got two of them :D
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    @Synthron 6502 ASM is a fucking pain in the ass but it's a lot of fun, damn. Also, I haven't forgot about 6502Rant, I just need time to finish my project presentation book and shit. As soon as I'll have some free time, I will get straight to work.
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    Respect for those/you still writing Assembly on a daily basis. I dont know about 6505 Asm, but 16 bit X86 Assembly is more my cup of tea (writing DOS games).
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