OK heavy rant on 'modern' software development coming! --> don't take it to seriously though :-)

Electron... why does that shit exist? It is like stacking all the worst technologies available to mankind into an enormous pile of crap and polishing that turd to look like something wonderful. It is big, slow and overall AWFUL!

An example? ... Microsoft Teams :-( it burns your PC like fire and makes it squeal for mercy.

When a library/framework becomes the ultimate evolution of abstraction layer upon abstraction layer and it simply should stop to exist and a reset button needs to be pressed.

I would love to see some research on the real world environmental impact that all those shitty slow and bloated web technologies have.


Software energy label!

C, C++ and Rust e.t.c. and all accompanying efficient UI libraries should be the only languages/implementations allowed to get a A, B and C label.

Python (without C libraries like Numpy), JavaScript and all those other slow interpreted scripting/Web API nonsense should get a D, E or F label by default.

Have fun!

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    @lambda123 Yeah... and then benchmark it against my IBM PS/2 80286 model 30 running a chat client in DOS... it will still win :-)
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    @lambda123 my two cans on a rope supports 6GHz, linux could learn something or two
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    the energy and thus environmental impact of all misfitted tech & bloat does have a significant impact for sure. About 10% of the worlds electricity goes to just making the internet run
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    Agree so much. But i don't think the label should care about the language, a efficient structure can be much faster in slow language than a bad structure in C, well, except when the slow language is JavaScript, then all hope is gone (node takes something like 30s to start, even with almost no code).

    The other problem of this "modern" solution are security risks and bugs: Nobody can gasp their complexity and all the libraries, frameworks, interpreters will have many security vulnerability.
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    @lambda123 At least they copied something from vim: You can't exit it.
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    So you want a a body (company or government part) dedicated to telling other companies what they can or can't code?

    Are you fucking mental?
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    Because without electron there will be only protons and neutrons making everything positively charged resulting it everything repelling everything and ripping apart the universe.

    And that is why electrons exist.
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    @BugsBuggy I don't think electrons actually exist, they are confused with anti-positrons.
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    @BugsBuggy I can't imagine the conversation when quantum computing becomes a thing, what will we confuse quantum with?

    Quantum again? Probably.
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    Teams suck.

    But Electron makes sense in theory give these requirements
    * you need a Web app
    * web app should be goodu

    Then honestly...is it even worth it to build a native app? How much better will it be and will it be worth the cost?

    Can totally see a company going down this route cause "Since we already have it - it should be good enough"
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    @jiraTicket I'd say "we need it now" instead of "web app should be goodu".

    Electron-using devs often complain about having to optimize more than they would with a native app... or just make the end user complain about thr lack of.
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    I totally grok. Unfortunately webapps are the wave of the future. Electron and similar frameworks lower the price of entry for companies to get a cross-device app out ASAP. Oh how I long for the days of TSRs written in Assembly consuming memory measured in KB. At the rate we're going, memory consumption of software will be measure in GB before long, even for a simple note taking app.
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