I would consider myself in the topper half of c++. I build compilers, i contributed 1000 linus to the linux kernel... But still: I am (only) 14 and lack experience... Could you please share some tipps for a young programmer... Not only for jobs, but also to improve more...

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    I think you pretty much are already nailing what I would consider the #1 tip for any programmer... Portfolio!

    If you're already committing to the Linux kernel, that is resume material. You can point future employers to your commits, so they can SEE the work you do!

    Even still... Keep programming and putting your work online (GitHub) for others to see. Employers want to see your work. Honestly, I feel they can care far less about your formal education if your public code (and, by extension, your work habits) impress them (that's not to say you shouldn't continue on to college, just that a portfolio can help you far more than a grade).
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    @ObsidianBlk thanks for sharing ;)
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    Aaand yet again, I looked at the rant's content and thought it must be you ranting 😄
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    @linuxxx well... I think, theres a pipe between us ;) must be some kernel magic
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    Hahaha :P guess so 😄
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    I want you in my contacts young man! 8D
    Do you have Skype/Twitter/Hangout?
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    @QCat skype: micraftn-gaming mail:wittmaxi@outlook.de
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    @linuxer4fun you're added! (^_-)
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    @linuxer4fun if you don't mind me asking, where did you learn how to do this? I've taken three c++ courses at my university and I don't even know how to come close to writing a compiler, or anything remotely that cool..
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    Heres the problem: you dont learn these things in uni... You need to find a project, gather informations on how to solve it and then do it...

    For a compiler:

    -learn assembler
    -parse the file and generate the correct assembler code for the specific command
    -output the assembler code to a file
    -let the asnembler assemble the assembler code
    -let the linker do the rest.

    Sounds (more or less) easy, right? Heres the thing: dont expect to learn everything. Youre not in highschool where you learn everything former to an exam. You really MUST learn how to gather informations and find out how to apply that knowledge (yes, sometimes you will have to listen to 12yo kids on youtube which do a pseudo tuturial and are cringy af (i did include myself xD))
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