First day at new web dev job:
Me: what IDE do you guys use?
Coworker: Notepad/notepad++
M: Okay... Any version control?
C: Oh we don't need it. We just update the server pages.
*Boss walks in*
Boss: Heres the project for you to do just need you to rebrand this web app we made for client A for client B just need to change some scripts. Should only take afew hours.

I take a look. No comments. Not formatted. Missing braces and brackets. Semicolons at odd places and missing at others. 7802 lines of code...

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    Looks like code from a single dev
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    That gave me a rush of adrenaline! I love tackling stuff like that. Easy isn't interesting 😄
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    It is and he is still around the company. Only problem is he doesn't know what he did since it was 3 years ago. Im still surprised that everything still runs for the app...
    At least its not so bad since they allow you to use what ever tools you need(if they dont have to pay)
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    @Teezha I worried about you as you said notepad++
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    I had to demo it to them first. It was my personal license for webstorm i still had afew months left. Got approved afterwards. :)
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    No IDE, no version control, no comments = no product
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    When I see this kind of stories then I see my company as google :D
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    You have the opportunity to introduce then to git! Use it.
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    Why not better code an universe?

    Very professional programming.

    Run or stay? the challenge election is on your hands, kid.
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    And i thought my job was bad :/
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    Same here, codeigniter project, first "dev" f*cked up everything, ONE SINGLE F***ING CONTROLLER FOR THE FRONT, no good practices or even framework comprehension; client doesn't want to refactor.

    Basicaly i'm a full sh*tstack dev right now.
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    Be the change you want to be... In this case show them how to develop their products better, with documentation, version control and overall better techniques, though in saying that you are lucky the original dev is still there.

    Unless he coded it while drunk one night maybe just maybe he'd be able to retrace some of the things he coded.
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    Hello darkness my old friend.
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