1) "Do you consider yourself good with Java? Most of our clients want web pages"
2) "Do you like coding for work on weekends?"

Are you serious?

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    Double fail!
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    1) java on web is a popular thing actually

    2) i love working on weekends
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    1. It's possible jsp's(Java server pages) are still in use + spring is good backend. Question make sense, don't assume u know everything ;)
    2. If they pay it checks :D
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    1) Java spark framework ❤
    2) When you don't need to work two other days in the week, why not? You won't be disturbed, and will be a lot more productive.
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    I love working on weekends too BUT my own type of work and that has nothing to do with the company I work at. I sometimes explore new tech, try challenging my self with new projects ..Etc. in other words improving my skills and not working for someone else, a noob someone else 😒
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