So today is my last day working in [censored] company. Even though today is the last day and they have my replacement, they still expect me to complete the project 'NOW'. So I decided to make it quick the way it supposedly was. He wanted me to do tonnes of adjustments.

To prevent me from getting more stressed over satisfying my boss' requirements or meeting my boss' expectations, I made the app return the screenshot of the design. So I screenshot the design and render it to the app. So far that's the fastest route I can think of.

I really do not want to do this. But he left me no choice due to his impatient and adamant behaviour. That's why I decided to haste the project by returning the screenshot. (To be honest, this is unprofessional and dishonest, but he left me no other choice to violate my principles).

We argued about the negotiation with regard of the timeline for the deliverance of the project, I proposed 6 months countless times. He constantly denied that I did not negotiate with him. Unfortunately, the 'negotiation' defined by his action is merely a projection of an illusion of negotiating, but whatever is discussed on the table will deliberately fall into his idea and unrealistic high expectations.

Working in this company caused me damages beyond repair. My 4 weeks in this company were my worst nightmare. I don't get enough sleep due to the constant stress from the employer to complete the project in the 'immediately' phase. I brought these issues afore the table for the discussion. He simply deny it and blame it all on me, saying 'that it was my own negligence, to the company. I do not subscribe to his methodology of handling stress, by working more and contributing more to the company as passionate as possible. I am passionate about what I do and my position, what I do not passionate about is being unreasonable, ignorant, delusional and inhumane.

I learnt my lesson now. I vow to myself that In the future if I have the opportunity to be a team leader, my former employer is not and never be someone who can be my role model as a leader.

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