College placements, one of the leading tech companies comes to hire people on day 1, I miss the first round coz I overslept, woke up and realized the test started an hour ago, finally went in after the test was done. They still let me take the coding test but with reduced time, and kept talking to themselves that if this guy gets through, I'm fucking done with placements. Managed to do well in the test and then proceeded to the interviews, aced the interviews and was offered a job. People at work still call me "that guy who turned up late and still got the job"

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    Skill over promptness.
    Damn, nice success story mate.
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    Wow encouraging lines for lazy dev like me... Thanks for this rant
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    @A-0-C yeah I was lucky they didn't care much about my punctuality
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    @kegy I don't know if it works all the time, but worked one time for me
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    Username is accurate.
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    I came an hour late to the interview for my apprenticeship, because I got into the wrong bus. I still got it and only learned a year late that there were only two applicants and they had three spots available.
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