I realized I am a rant grifter...

Somebody makes a good rant. I respond with witty, snarky, or angry response. Then I cash in on them sweet internets points. Rant grifting.

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    Do you?
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    @Floydimus Do I what? Confused.
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    Well. Duh.
    Thats how fake internet points work!

    Also - I live for snarky, smartass, knowitall comments!
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    @Floydimus take my points you witty bastard.
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    Oh no, your gamified virtual dick is 1.7x as large as mine!
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    @Demolishun You're exaggerating.



    Angry - OK, snarky - hmmm, but witty? ^^
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    Guilty as charged, buuuut 🤔

    I don't grift because I want to.

    I grift because I'm allowed to.

    I mostly do it because of my own inadequacies and I have nothing else of value to bring to the conversion.

    If I can make a joke and someone finds it entertaining I bring value to my own existence that I can't get from my employer.
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    I like to try and collect those other points for being witty and helpful.
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    I never do that 😇.
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