Me every time I get an email from recruiters:

void GetQuestionsToAsk(string taboo)
return "* Do I have to work with " + taboo + "?\n" +
"* Does anyone in the team write any " + taboo + "?\n" +
"* Is the word " + taboo + " even in the job specs?\n";

Call this function with "VBA", "SQL" and "Excel" and I'm good to go (matter of perspective if you want to proceed if the answer is positive ;) ).

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    I get VBA and Excel (programmatically, like interops) but... SQL is a no go for you? Is it all SQL or No-SQL like mongo is ok?

    I only get this exclusion if you are a purely frontend developer
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    @mmcorreia Honestly​, it depends! I don't want to write queries exclusively, or in a relevant percentage in my job.

    So, yes, I tend to say that I'm not ok in working with SQL, as in the past it turned out to be "do-this-for-this-guy" job. I'm a quant dev (also, neither full front- nor backend), and even though I understand SQL I don't want to end up doing *only* that! I expect every quant Dev understand SQL, so if you put that in the job specs, I already got some bad feelings!

    Then, again, some other believe SQL is super cool and it probably is ;)
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    @7Raiden ok, what I get from your reply is that you steer away from full SQL jobs like BI, and to that I say "I hear ya!"

    I'm full stack and although I know SQL it is not an area I feel comfortable or like, so full SQL no way... Some SQL to get data for an end-to-end feature, it's ok... If that SQL is too complex due to database design, send me a BI guy to do that please...
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    @mmcorreia Totally​ agree ;)
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