DXB (airport)'s WiFi doesn't let you call through whatsapp or telegram or even discord. It also does not let you send a whatsapp voice message, which has me very puzzled.

And all I wanted to do was to call my mom. ☹️
(I might also be running a slight fever, which makes me very emotional and sensitive)

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    @magicMirror would VPN really work on VoIP blocking?
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    @NoMad why not?

    A full tunnel built using the default https port (443), should work anywhere.
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    Does it have some kind of MITM Certs on TLS connections when you are browsing?
    You can check it if the certificate of website has a different root cert.
    If they do MITM and your TLS client allows it without a warning, they can read all your traffic and thus block or change arbitrarily. They can also log your login credentials due to MITM certs.

    Another possibility could be that they block certain domains or DNS lookups.

    I'd strongly recommend to use a VPN on such hotspots.

    Edit: I don't usually call your mom from such hotspots, thus I can't reproduce your problem 😉
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    using a web wide trusted CA, or trusted intermediary CA to mitm all tls traffic on the fly is very, very, very unlikly. And if discovered, will trigger a full revoke on that CA provider.

    Using a VPN will allow you to bypass the blocking firewall filters.
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    Oh I was on DBX lately maybe I saw you
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    Regular phone call and just pay the roaming costs of any?
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    @horus my previous operator didn't roam there. (I chose a very cheap one)
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    @Coffe2Code possible. And yet, you didn't talk to me... Tsk tsk tsk.
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    @PonySlaystation you should. She sometimes does helpdesk and she's good at confusing the shit out of people. Hah. Good luck!

    Edit: I know they read it. But I have zero problems with them "trying" to read my telegram messages. I don't do serious business at such places.
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    Oh i love the fact that doesn't let people send annoying voice messages
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