Am I the only one who found Satya Nadella picture really out of context and funny.. its like the numbers represent real estate value of his heads surface....

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    I'm guessing he was getting mistaken for the IT guy. Wanted to make sure everybody knows his face.
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    5% from bing search ads? Wow.
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    Where is GitHub? Other?
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    Actually curious on Azure Vs AWS Vs Google Cloud, is it cheaper than the other two? I've used it for some course before the UI is horrendous, I never understood why it's even used widely
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    Still 14% from their glorified game and browser launcher. But they are really working hard on reducing that number...
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    @asgs i dont think github makes much money
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    People buy office?
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    @ars1 mostly corpos and schools, yeah, and I guess people with no eye patches or peg legs handy
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    It reminds me of MGM screen before Tom and Jerry cartoons,

    the one where Tom appeared in place of the lion,

    meowing instead of roaring 😂
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