Oh you're a frontend guy? Good, we need one of those.

Oh you're a backend guy too? Good, we need one of those.

Oh you're a security guy too? Good, we need one of those.

Oh you're a devops guy too? Good, we need one of those.

Oh you're a QA guy too? Good, we need one of those.

Oh you're an SEO guy too? Good, we need one of those.

"Well, sorry to say fullStackCraft, but we found your cloud architecture skills just a little too lacking for this position. We really need someone who can do frontend, backend, security audits, QA assessments, SEO, AND build scaling cloud architecture. Oh and while you're at it, can you turn fucking water into gold? We need that at our company too. You didn't get the position, but it'd be great if you could refer us to someone who is very advanced in fucking alchemy. Thanks!"

Absolutely toxic the way software people are treated I swear. The money may be the only good thing that is left.

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    And 10y experience in swift.
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    I am sure their shop is full of retards and assholes. Good riddance
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    Here's the kicker: even if such a super dev showed up, they still wouldn't be able to hire - because said super dev would also want a super salary.

    However for them, the reason to want an all-in-one unicorn is to only spend one salary on several positions. The reason is that they instead pay too much for a bloated and useless management.
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    You aren't related to the right people, and you have a different political vibe than they want.
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    Sorry although your ability to turn lead into goal is pretty impressive, we are also unfortunately looking for someone who can turn graphite into gold as well.

    The good news however is that we will now spam your inbox with every open position we post from now till the end of days.
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    "Your salary will be 50k/yr"
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    @PonySlaystation "*: the currency will be decided later"
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    @PonySlaystation nah, maybe yen. Maybe pezos.
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    When they say, they want a "fullstack dev", what they really mean is, that they want a dev who can do the _full_ _stack_!

    Also: If anyone ever gets hired for that position, she will not be allowed to writing any code herself. This basically is a management/consultant position.

    @asgs: Of course their shop is full of botchers. That is why they are searching for a code messiah.
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    You guys ALL beat me to salary is 50k a year... except mine is lower šŸ˜ž
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    @Oktokolo ahhhhhh it is YOU with the "botchers" meme! I want to see more posts from you with "botchers" in the text! you can do it!
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    @melezorus34 dollars but Zimbabwe dollars.
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    You need to be able do design your full stack Chris...
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    @PonySlaystation damn it’d be nice to make 50k/y… after taxes, preferably.

    I’m laughing nervously here, since that’s really multiple positions, aka multiple paychecks, yet I find myself in a position doing all of that (except SEO), including cloud arch with 35k/y…
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    @lambda123 nope, not in the US.

    To be fair, I came into my current job with zero experience and halfway through my studies, so of course I started from the bottom regarding wages - and my growth both professionally and regarding the hats I’ve had to, or elected to, put on has been much faster than the corporate dogma on promotion ladders allow.
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    @Fast-Nop aka one man IT department. Full stack web mobile and devops developer, QA ninja God. They want to save up on salary lol. Hate that kind of job requirements
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    @kirexen your mother is a whore and you’re a cum slut.
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