Which do you guys prefer when checking object values? Console.log or setting break points?

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    Break points means that you are less likely to leave it in your code when you push it out to production
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    Should use: Breakpoints
    Using: std output in general
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    @niederschlag what is std output. I'm not familiar with that.
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    @tizo standard output (stdout) methods. For example: Console.log in JS, "syso" in J or Console.Out in C#
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    @niederschlag gotcha. Thanks for the explanation.
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    -uses both
    -gets confused
    -starts over again
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    Mild curiosity gets a std::out. Sherlock-level inspection gets breakpoints.
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    @fyroc using a linter and a pre-commit hook helps with that. For me eslint doesn't let me commit if I have a console.log in my code.
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