A couple of weeks ago I went to an interview where I was asked the following questions back to back: "What would you do if you were the prime minister?" && "What would you do if you were the attorney general of the United Nations".
Needless to say, I wasn't prepared for that...

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    I would answer "on my first day on the job I would say: 'ok guys, now that I am here, let's start fixing our software, I see movies and I know by those that our IT infrastructure is outdated and incapable'"

    Then say: really? What do you expect!? You can't go off script to hire a dev and I need to imagine what I would do if all my life choices untill this point were totally different! I'm here to bring value to your company then the world, not the other way around!!

    Sorry, just have a thing against nonsense interviews... But I'm ok now
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    Answer, and only correct answer for both questions is. Drink coffee, eat pie and create world peace.
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    "Question the sanity of those who elected me to power, as I'm a programmer and have poorly informed opinions on national and global policy"
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    Fire the nukes?
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