"This vendor system is broken and we need the data in its DB. Here's a report used to use from it. Build a new report in SSRS that we can use to pull out all the records."

+1 day tearing apart their data warehouse to find where things are.
+1 day duplicating their sample report

"Well, you did a good job duplicating what we had, but we want something that will pull every single bit of possibly related information that's in the system, and not just what was on the report we gave you."


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    @ClemFrieckie they're wanting SSRS reports that they can save as PDF and then insert into a digital records archival system, and the data is in a 3NF data warehouse with GUIDs as the keys, only some tables have foreign keys setup, and there's nothing indicating that some of the tables contain data related to the primary records. Plus the main reason they're moving away from the system is because we're wanting to shut down the DB.
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