1. Customer wants X.
2. Developer delivers X.
3. Customer wants developer to change X to Y for free.
4. Developer demands money.
5. Customer gets mad.
6. Developer compares situation to ordering a hamburger, consuming it, and demanding a pizza for free because customer didn't like the hamburger.
7. Customer pays

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    Comparisons with food and cars mostly work with clients
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    I' ll try the food part next time.
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    Thanks for the advice... Will keep in mind for future discussions..

    Hopefully, it will prevent me from taking some pills for headaches..
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    Problem is, many nice restaurants will waive the charge of remaking a dish if they know it'll mean good business. So not all customers might be receptive to this ideology.
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    @tmad40blue but customers with these demands aren't good business
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    I hate when it happens
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    Daammnn nice analogy, thanks.
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    @tmad40blue usually when people don't like it, they don't eat it. It's a dick move to eat the entire course and then complain.
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    Hmm. How about customer wants you to build a sports car. You build a sports car. The customer then changes their mind ànd decides they need a semi, and demands that you conversation the sports car into the semi for free
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    @BrianK can you provide a car example?! Plz.
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    @alybadawy Why, the 'food' one didn't work??
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    @SuyashD95 Lmao!! It worked. I just got bored of how many times I have said that already!! 😂😂
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    @alybadawy 😂😂😂 Used it on one of my professors on why I couldn't add a set of features on a project and submit the next day....

    And, surprisingly, it worked...
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    @alybadawy example someone has a bad website and wants an element to fix and you charge him for it and he refused to pay because he already paid someone else: if you buy a car you have garantees. But if you take it to another garage they will charge you.


    You want to have a nice website: you can choose drive an Audi which looks good and has a powerful engine you pay for it for and don't have much problems with it. Or you have a Lada looks bad, bad engine and have to pay less. But it will look crap if you ride in it and you will have lots of problems.


    Or someone wants one element to be redesigned: okay that's like when you have a car. Only change the rims and add carbon foil on the roof and add a spoiler. But the rest of the car is rusty, crappy engine and looks bad. Why do you want that.
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    @BrianK 👍👍👍
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    This is the first rant which is long and I read it all!! Because It is about my story with majority of customers... 😒
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    Can I just have a kebab instead! 🍖😂
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    Solution: develop generic product, sell to many clients, offer no customization. Clients will hate you from afar, from behind the subscription paywall, while you swim in you pool of money.
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