Launched a CMS-site for a customer, created a 5-page "manual" (with screenshots) on how to update basic things like adding/removing employees from the site. One week later, I receive an email: "Could you please remove Paula from our site?"... Sure, it'll take me 2 minutes and you'll be billed for half an hour instead of you just RTFM!

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    Welcome to every CMS rollout ever. The big sell of "you can edit this yourself" becomes meaningless because no one ever can.
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    Custom CMS or you used something already out there?
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    It might be worth your frustration and state of mind to find out why they don't know how to do it. Could be that your manual is to difficult or they need some hand holding. Either way it improves your relationship with the company. And it might help you write netter manuals
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    @Charmgoggles I always strive to write netter manuals. :-D
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    @shackra CraftCMS
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    @Charmgoggles sent the manual before the last "status meeting", and walked through it at the meeting as well. They said it was clear and easy, and they had tested it before the meeting as well...
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