I hate these Mondays. You start really motivated after a nice weekend of seeing lots of old friends, but instead of your own work, you have to pick up the mess a coworker left for you while fleeing into holiday and because that's not frustrating enough, you try to review code from that new senior developer and get confronted with the probably most awful commit history someone ever managed to create.

Of course he also needed handholding and multiple trys to stop breaking like every coding convention we have for branch management...

I am still a junior and I feel pretty disappointed when being confronted with people being so..confused with stuff like git even though they have like 10 years of experience.

While I was still studying, I somehow imagined this industry to be much more...sophisticated?

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    One day someone might look at your stuff and think the same. Find the issues and humbly ask people why it was done like that. You will either expose the shit without sounding preposterous, or will learn why some decisions are made the way they are. Win win.

    Or maybe this senior person is just a jerk, happens sometimes too ;) but work is like that and nobody will be perfect anyways.
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    Yeah, you are both probably right, thanks for your input :)
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