I live for the day someone clicks "yes" and on that day, s/he will unintentionally start the apocalypse!☠

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    I did that last night... But in all fairness it was the first time using VS since 2010 and using a 2008 codebase
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    Or check the "Do not show this dialog again" checkbox and hit Yes. Pure evil.
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    Nearly this same dialog has been around since at least Visual C++ 6, the earliest Visual Studio I've used in like 1999. That's a long time to have kept this UI!
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    I actually legit like this feature - sometimes I change something, but don't bother making it compile yet and I want to see how it behaved before unfinished changes. In that case I can just rum the last version from there. If not, I would like an alert telling me my code failed to build anyway so nothing really bad about adding that option.
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