So I'm doing my thing... Suddenly all open windows start closing one by one and computer starts a shut down.. and i realize the windows update is coming..

But like.. can you at least give me a 2 minutes heads up? How the fuck such a process gets approved in microsoft?

"Yeah just close everything and force restart.. it's fine"

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    Windows really doesn't like when you change this, but if you go into regedit you can turn off automatic updates
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    Actually it shouldn't restart when you work on it ^^

    You can go to windows services and disable the update service
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    That thing is super cute... I want it as a pet.
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    @itch96 but to always stay in that pose 😂
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    @SHA-256 it does if you postpone it enough times, happened to me as well.
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    You can also use group policy to prevent it from restarting when there's an update, but it'll still notify you when there's an update.
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    If you set your network connection to a metered connection, you'll never have to suffer auto updates.
    How-to: https://goo.gl/kQ9lHY
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    @Mayhem93 Ah I ok...well it also restarts when CPU usage us 100% so yeah just disable it
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    Time to switch to Linux ;)
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