I have a problem.
I can't let an email, message or notification unread ! I must clear them all so I don't see any notification.
Shit this is serious, I feel uncomfortable if there is a notification !

Anyone have this?

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    No make a batch for unread all
    Cron it every 5 min

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    yep, it pisses me off so much when i see people with shit ton of notifications in the status panel, and unread notification bubbles
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    On my phone I set a maximum visible notification on the status bar (with an Xposed module). But it didn't help.
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    Call me antisocial. I disable notifications on my social apps so I only check messages when I actually want to check messages.
    And its not just messaging apps. If a new game has notifications to play every day, etc, it's an immediate disable for them.
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    As soon as I have more than 30 unread, it kind of get's to much for me, so I kind of just let it grow (if there's something important, someone will call me, probably...) and then at one point, I click through tje last month and set all older ones as read. Peace of mind mind and the start of a new circle. Fucking emails...
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    OCD is a real thing #ilookatmyphone500timesaday
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    I used to move my mail to folders leaving a clean empty inbox - every mail got filed or deleted. not sure what happened but I think one week I let it slip then I never got back to it. now at work I have 1004 unread emails - turns out it doesn't matter.
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