I used to screw around with the school computers, nothing much, a few batch files here, a few html scripts there. But once, they took away my use of the computer for, "Tampering with very important parts of the computer." Yeah.
Don't do html in school, kids.

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    I usually make a batch file that looks like

    Goto START

    and then make a shortcut to it with the Google Chrome icon.
    I'm evil.
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    Haha, I did a lot more but luckily the system administrator is a blind chickenhorse.
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    ist faster
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    DOS - not even once
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    I once did something like that on my cousin's laptop.
    It would open itself 3x, and then open some picture in Fullscreen. Then, I disguised it as her (full) trash bin.
    She never opened it.
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    HTML scripts?
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