Today I could finally spend some time reviewing the merge requests an intern made (and I occasionally helped).

My god, I want to put it this months amount of work an, put it in a trash, burn it and rewrite it before the fire is gone.

5 small and unrelated issues. The intern used branches with the correct naming scheme, but IT'S A FUCKING STRAIGHT LINE BUILDING ON TOP OF EACHOTHER.

Oh ans also they took the liberty to update the dependencies and the language versions used. There was no issue regarding this. It's the first branch in the line and it was called "update_<dependency>" where they just upped the version numbers of everything and then COMMENT OUT all mentions of <dependency> so that it compiles at the very least.

Now today I spend most of my time reviewing the code by fixing that mess. Thanks to updates I had to update the CI and replace some libraries that are now incompatible. Tomorrow I can finally inspect the shit itself.

On a positive side node, I removed node as a dev dependency and the size of the node modules went down from 128mb to 18mb

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    See, there is always *some* good in evil lol
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    They are interns for a reason, and that reason is because they don't know anything. When I look at my code back from that time I want to scratch my eyes out and redact my name from anything that is remotely attached to it. Luckily a lot of people along the time helped me learn and understand tools, languages, frameworks, working patterns etc. We are need to enable the next generation of engineers to become at least as great as we are.
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    @Wolle If only, I'm the younger one
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    @Awlex I hope you find some good mentors, assuming that is what you mean. Do you have a chance to attend some local tech meetups? In my experience people there are more willing to mentor.
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