A senior front end developer with 8 years of experience asked me today what does 'this' refer to in a function() inside of a property in an object, and why it doesn't work outside of the function!

I wanted to shout FUCK MY LIFE! But I held myself and explained it to her.

Worst part is I still don't qualify for 'senior' in my job title (less than 3 years of experience), hence my lower pay.

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    Tell your boss and use it as an example why you should be compensated more.
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    @JTBringe Snitches gets stitches.
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    @Makenshi Or money and bitches.
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    Outside the function it's called "that", no wonder it didn't work for him.
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    @JTBringe I don't think snitching is a good idea as it would make my team stop trusting me.

    I'm the one that gets asked technical questions by everyone in the office, which I kinda like that, the issue is that for the boss he only cares about the visuals and can't really assess the functionality, to him it either works or it doesn't
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