Apple: this AppleID has been locked for security reasons.
User: Sign Out
Apple: Enter the Apple ID password to turn off Find My iPhone.
User: Turn Off
Apple: You must enter both your Apple ID and password.
User: OK

Apple, please stop bugging me, all I need is to test my websites on Safari occasionally because some customers prefer to use iPhone. Just don't bother me with your Apple ID crap

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    I feelya.
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    So Safari still exists. Seems to be like Flash a decade ago - it just refuses to die...
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    Still better that Microsoft’s services.
    I had to fight with those for a few hours today just to make a Minecraft account for my little brat.

    So many bugs and hints of backend nightmares. I am so glad I don’t work for them.

    Don’t get me wrong, though: apple code isn’t that much better.
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    Lol a rant against apple and someone feel the need to rant about ms... Btw strangely it always happens that your kid had issue with a mine craft account always today or yesterday.

    P. S.
    I just had to a mac for the first time and I discovered many things that people complains about windows, they don't say about their beloved apple:
    - os and updates are huge
    - you cannot uninstall ANY of MANY inbox apps
    - xcode and updates are huge
    - to install app from the store you must have an account, also for the free ones (on windows you don't)
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    Apple and Microsoft both suck, but unless the industry starts offering decent pre-configured Linux machines to the general public, those companies are here to stay. And let's not forget about Google, as most of the criticism applies to Android as well.
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    @fraktalisman scroogle is the worst one
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    @dontbeevil i found the biggest one that applications installers (like final cut pro, at least used to) do not automatically come with a way to uninstall it.

    In some cases the uninstaller is even a paid custom app 😅
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    @jaylord but if you read around no apple user complains about these things... On the other end everyone complains of similar things on windows, just because bullshit on ms is cool
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