HTML - hot tomato monkey language
CSS - crazy stupid script
PHP - per hour pay
JS - just scream
JAVA - just a valid acronym
C# - see sharply
Objective C - OOP cash
C - cash
C++ - cash++

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    This an original?
    If yes, awesome mate;
    Elif no, good find;
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    @A-0-C Yeah, just came up with it while waiting in a coffee shop.
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    *CSS = cascading style shit. Or better cascading shit shit.
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    @rayanon Or shit shit shit

    Or just shit
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    Youre searching for: Crap shit sheet
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    This needs to go to the wall in front of my face.
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    and py ? ^^
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    Everyone knows that HTML means "How To Meet Ladies", although it's still not proven.
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    @grosten I tried that, it didn't work. You know what works, PHP variables like these, $money. Or C++ variables like, double money, long long money;

    Just talk about server speed and cloud computing in general, latency, scalability, etc. That seems to get their attention pretty fast without much data error.
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    @AlgoRythm cheat sheet shit
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    @SHA-256 I just came up with one for you. It's not an acronym, so I didn't include it in the original post.

    Python - personal flYing maraTHON

    If you don't know what I mean, research how Python got its name.
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    @grosten maybe we are doing something wrong in the semantics that's why we don't meet ladies.
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    @error503 Yeah probably, there could not be any other reason, right?
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    @error503 Must be, we need to deal with our pragmatics a little more.
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    It should rather be ++cash, shouldn't it? :>
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    @iLoveJS-jk No, you code first than it increases as you get the money.
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    The Java one was absolutely true though
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    The new C++.NET should be...
    C more . hdb
    C mo, hbd
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