Elementary os, my new lover...

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    Why? I never used it before
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    @bobvdvalk in my opinion the pantheon desktop is beautiful. The system is very light. Not too much pre-installed stuff , just what you need . If you need something more you can install. I like that way
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    That freaking beauty DE u got.Welcome to linux club xD
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    I currently use Manjaro I3 Linux. Love it as well and almost fully controllable by keyboard
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    @bobvdvalk I become to realize how much people is using i3 right now..(facinating)
    Welcome mate :)
    Me too -> Cant live without i3
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    Jesus I feel like a senior in this rant/comment section xD
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    Oh and I currently use Fedora with Cinnamon
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    @bobvdvalk @CSaratakij another i3 user here. Tiling desktop is addictive(if you manage to survive the initial stage)
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    I used elementary for a while. It was nice, but kind of boring. The mindset of "it just works" and "beautiful by default" are the opposite of what I look for in a Linux desktop. I always come back to XFCE.
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    I really like the looks and simplicity but the lack of features and it's alpha state made me change a distro. At least temporarily.
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    Used Elementary on my laptop. Changed back to debian because elementary kept on hanging the login after waking up from sleep.
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