Can a person sue for defamation of character if the result of an arrest that was wrongly made kept them unemployed for a long time from wrongful imprisonment ?

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    I dunno actually. Will most definitely depend on the country you live in
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    An arrest wouldn’t show in records afaik. Actual imprisonment due to false claims would give you a strong case however. But also ask a fucking lawyer not devs.
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    @neriald > Reacted with 😂
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    You can sue for any reason. The real problem for you is to prove to the court that you lost opportunities due to circumstances outside of your control and that the defendant was the primary cause of those circumstances.

    If you think you have enough evidence, seek assistance from a lawyer.

    I don't know what costs are outside of the US, but usually a consultation will run you anywhere from $100-$400 for a low to average skilled lawyer. $700+ for a really good lawyer.

    Also, that's usually per hour with a minimum of 1 hour consultation.
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    like others said

    devrant not laywerrant lol
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    Is this an elaborate coming out statement? ;-)

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    Unfortunately “justice” is not a right but a luxury good
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    @neriald lol that was a good half helpful answer like 20 years later lol
    Goddamn when does the world unfuck itself ?
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    You need a lawyer
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    @catgirldev now I have to figure out which location to travel to, sigh

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