I recently graduated from university and landed a job as a junior devops engineer.

There’s so much tech stacks to learn and I’m in the process of converting a legacy CI system composed of only bash scripts to Python and I feel that 8 hours a day isn’t enough and I often feel that after working hours, I should be reviewing more so that the next day I can be more productive.

I am given tasks to do but I keep feeling the pressure that I need to prove myself.

Is this normal? I’m not used to this learning pace.

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    if u think that giving extra time helps ur learning and upgrade ur skill, then give more time. But if u r being pressured by senior management to complete a task by giving overtime and u r not getting paid for it , then do not do it
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    What @trk1 said. It is normal to feel what you feel(see imposter syndrome). But it helps you gain huge knowledge first 1-2-3 months. Afterwards if you still feel pressured it means something is wrong in the team. That’s not your inner feeling of learning and doing more anymore it probably is due to pressuring seniors/managers. And it will cause you to be miserable, so if you still feel that way after 3 months look for another job since you’ll have gained a lot of knowledge already it will be easier too.
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