Incompetence of people around me drives me mad. I see a piece of shit code and I can’t stop myself from improving it.
Also better developers around me. I need to find out how they’re better and beat them

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    It’s so hard for me to NOT do this! I have to control myself a lot. Lately, for the sake of my mental peace, I haven’t been touching old spaghetti code.
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    Yeaah the way I deal with it at work is just by not getting attached in any way to the software otherwise I’d have blown up long ago 😂
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    Beat them? It's not a contest you know
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    @ostream I read it literally, and I was even more confused as to how violence would solve anything.
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    @Cyanide lol I can second that!
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    @lbfalvy haha! no it’s not violence that I was talking about
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    The good thing of it it's that you'll implement shit code too and someone will need to improve your code. Im like you and I always remember my code smells around there
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